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The HSEU has over 100 FIVE-STAR reviews and we want to bring that same five-star service to your site.You're probably asking yourself, "how can the service be worth my time at this cost?", and that is a great question to ask.  You need to make sure this is a right fit for your company before you commit to anything.  So, let's discuss how The HSEU works for you.


First off, you have digital access to your safety professional 24/7, meaning you can call, text, or email your safety professional any time you need.  Next, you get your safety professional on-site 1 day a month.  One scheduled day each month, your safety professional comes to you.  Have them go to a work-site and introduce themselves (as your company's safety person) to your employees and your customers, have them come to the office and lead a company safety meeting, have them perform a site-inspection, or risk-assessment.  Remember, this is YOUR dedicated safety professional, use them as you need them.

Key benefits from this method


Most small businesses will not fully utilize a full-time safety professional.  The HSEU takes advantage of this, understanding that the most time consuming and difficult time will be in the beginning, when you're trying to determine the companies needs and then developing the companies safety program.  The HSEU already has a developed safety program, we need to invest more time in the beginning to determine the company's specific needs, and then tailor our safety program to fit your companies needs.  

After we have developed your company's safety program, we work together with you to fully implement the program.  Then your safety professional will work hand-in-hand with management to ensure the company stays in compliance with the policy.

During the compliance phase you may not need a full-time safety professional, so The HSEU provides you with an experienced safety professional who will make monthly visits to ensure the company is staying in compliance, and remains available to you throughout the month if a need or an employee incident occurs.

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