Due to the overwhelming popularity in the OKC METRO, The HSEU is expanding.  Yes, we have hired a new Safety Professional covering Southeast Oklahoma.  Our new safety professional will be centered in McAlester Oklahoma, covering all SE Oklahoma.






You want a safety professional to help take some of the work load off you and help make sure you're meeting industry standards, but you don't have an extra $70K laying around.  So what do you do?       you go to The HSEU and hire an experienced Safety Pro for $1,399/Month.

  1. Choose the option that fits your needs best, or reach out to us at [email protected]
  2. If you live in a covered area and choose the "On-Site Safety Pro" you will pay $1,399 a month with a one-time $1,000 sign up fee
    1. The Sign-up fees covers us coming to your facility and attending your orientation and learning about your business and safety needs, developing any OSHA Programs your company may need, completing your initial audit, and reviewing your ISN account.
  3. Your dedicated safety professional will reach out to you and provide you with their contact information and schedule a time to come out and attend your orientation, and meet your management team.
    1. Now this is YOUR company's safety professional.  You can set them up with a company email, company PPE, business cards or whatever you want.  They will introduce themselves and communicate as your employee not a consultant.
  4. Your safety pro will start visiting your location and you will be able to reach out to them any time.
  5. It's that simple!


  1. 24/7 Digital access to your safety pro?   Yeah, you can call, text, email any time you want and get the help you need.
    1. We can help if you have an employee injury
    2. If your customer requires you to have a Safety Pro in the vicinity of the work-site
    3. If your customer needs to see your Covid-19 Policy
    4. If you want to make sure it is ok to terminate an employee 
    5. When you submit your annual OSHA 300 form
    6. Your ISN account
    7. and much, much more...
  2. One visit per week.  Yes, your safety professional will show up to your worksite every week and hold a safety meeting, do a site-inspection, meet with customers, perform an incident investigation, conduct training, or bring your company's golf game down. 
    1. Frequency of visits will be dependent on work location.  See below for more information
    2. Time and day of visit will be determined by safety professional.
    3. Your safety professional will be on site approximately 1 hour per visit.


Email us at [email protected] to speak with a live safety pro in your area

Key benefits from this method


Most small businesses will not fully utilize a full-time safety professional.  The HSEU takes advantage of this, understanding that the most time consuming and difficult time will be in the beginning, when you're trying to determine the companies needs and then developing the companies safety program.  The HSEU already has a developed safety program, we need to invest more time in the beginning to determine the company's specific needs, and then tailor our safety program to fit your companies needs.  

After we have developed your company's safety program, we work together with you to fully implement the program.  Then your safety professional will work hand-in-hand with management to ensure the company stays in compliance with the policy.

During the compliance phase you may not need a full-time safety professional, so The HSEU provides you with an experienced safety professional who will make weekly visits to ensure the company is staying in compliance, and remains available to you throughout the month if a need or an employee incident occurs.


1 Visit per week

If you are within 15 miles from our office downtown OKC, your safety pro will be at your worksite every week.

2 Visits Per Month

If you are within 70 miles from our office in Oklahoma City, like Weatherford, Stillwater, Elgin, Pauls Valley, your safety pro will come to you twice every month.

1 Day per Month Visit

If you are within 160 miles from our office in OKC your Safety Pro will come to you once per month.

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You can relax now

You've known for a long time that your company could benefit from an experienced safety professional, but the the commitment and the costs.  It can be scary.  The HSEU takes that away.  You have no commitment, there is no contract.  Cancel any time.  And the costs, the costs are a fraction of what you would pay for a full-time safety professional.


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Still a little unsure of how this works, or whether or not it is a good fit for your company?  Schedule a free phone call with one of our experienced safety consultants today.

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